Standard 10 Reduced as per Syllabus for Board Examination

Standard 10 Reduced as per Syllabus for Board Examination

All about std 10 ssc exam materiaal provied by mahesana jilla district all support by Mahesana Granted Teacher made for ssc exam 2021 Only.

This will be useful for students studying in standard 10 for board exams 2021 only for 30% course is reduse in ssc board exam by goverment of gujarat  

If we talk about the Vedic period of schools and teachers, in the school, in the Gurukul, as a citizen of the society, he would give four hours to prepare the students and two hours for self-introduction. In these two hours, for the enjoyment of self-reliance, provision was made for a library, a school, a cowshed, farming and gardening so that life would be greener and richer. Man also knew himself with knowledge of the subject. Acceptance of birth and acceptance of death were taught. Not destitute, not a victim of renunciation, only restrained poetry resounds in the grain. It was fascinating with such a rich life and culture. Why such an education complex is not created today? Man seeks security outside only when there is no self-confidence inside. Of course security is essential at the physical level. But also in the interrelationship of this human mind-nature relationship

Healthy does not allow healing. True happiness comes from the deeds of living life. This is where saturation is found and in every karma there is a forum of truth-honesty. This human body is an invaluable opportunity from God. So let's make it the sadhana of the karma of the whole life. Then there is no need to sit in the shrine. You don't have to meditate. If karma in the form of education becomes the style of life, then there is a wealth of silence within the conversation, life becomes communicative, complete and unbroken, and such a qualitative change.





સામાજિક વિજ્ઞાન-SOCIAL SCIENCE

Education is indispensable in the world. Man has an element called ‘soul’. Today's scientists and the Energy of Supreme Intelligence say, "The energy of the Supreme Wisdom." It is the essence of our being, it contains the essence and
If we develop that power, Atmavidya is produced. Living life is also a learning process. If there is longing, aspiration and readiness for it, then 'Learning keeps you fresh', continuous learning will keep you refreshed. ” And education means to search for the treasure that God has kept within you, to shine in its light, just as a sculptor (Michelangelo) heard the call of an inanimate stone and made a world-famous sculpture, we have a living student If a teacher puts his power to work, the society will get talented students, which will lead to a glorious tradition of human beings communicating great ideals and high values ​​in the society.
The result is that as our noble folk teacher Shri Moraribapu calls our best storyteller, for the betterment of the society, ‘Ram: Ramo: Rama:’ must be the chemistry of singular, dual and plural. Singular means teacher, double means student and plural means society. If the teacher is pure, then the student becomes pure and the society, the nation and the world become successful. Moreover, if education, humility, mastery, virtue and decency are established in education, it will move in the right direction. The teacher himself can make the student a seeker if he is accomplished by mind-word-deed in teaching work.

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